Restylane Refyne is a dermal filler product, that is used to smooth out fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. It can also be injected near the lips to make them appear full and provide patients with an enhanced look.

Restylane is a non-toxic product that is made from a hyaluronic acid (HA) gel. The gel is a natural sugar found in the body. This substance absorbs water and acts like a cushion. So, when it is injected into the skin, it works like a sponge and fills in folds and wrinkles and helps to lift sunken areas of the skin. It also adds extra hydration to the skin, making it soft and vibrant.

What is XpresHAn Technology?

XpressHAn Technology is a new and innovative technology used in developing dermal filler products. It is a manufacturing process that is used in high end dermal fillers. The technology helps to create a smooth gel that produces natural results.

It helps to regulate the degree of HA crosslinking, which helps in developing gels that can be used flexibly to suit the needs of the patients. XpressHAn technology has been used to create the Restylane Refyne dermal filler range of products.

The Restylane Refyne Filler

Restylane Refyne is a dermal filler that helps to smoothen wrinkles, folds, and lines on the face. It also helps make the lips appear fuller. The product is designed using the XpresHAn technology.

The product has a small amount of lidocaine to ensure that there is no discomfort while being injected. It is an injectable filler that is injected into the dermis. After administering the injection, it needs to be gently massaged so that it fits into the surrounding area.

Suitable Candidates for the Restylane Refyne Treatment

Restylane Refyne is suitable for those who wish to correct wrinkles that are at a medium depth and not too deep. It is also suitable for areas that have minor skin depressions. Restylane offers subtle results to those who only require minimal corrections to their look.

Suitable candidates are those who only want to correct minor to moderate signs of aging and those who are prepared to follow their doctor’s orders. If you are taking any medications, you may be advised to stop using them before undergoing the surgery and for some time after. You can go over the details with your doctor to ensure that you’re prepared for the surgery.

The Restylane Refyne Treatment

The Restylane Refyne treatment process is fairly painless and does not involve any complications. First, a topical anesthetic is applied so that there is no pain or discomfort. The dermal filler is then injected into the appropriate area(s).

The procedure may take about 10 to 30 minutes to complete. The results of the procedure are usually visible instantly and skin becomes smoother, with a full and alluring look. It’s important to note that not all final results are the same and vary from person to person.

The effects of one injection can last for around 4 to 12 months. One or two treatments per year should be enough to get the best, long-lasting results.

Take Your Beauty to the Next Level with Restylane Refyne

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